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We help you to successfully establish your brand, product or services on the German market.

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We support you to successfully establish your brand, product or services on the German market.

Are you looking for an agency partner to establish your brand in Germany? Here we are – your partner for marketing localization and sales-oriented communication. Get in touch, so we can get your product on the German market. ASAP and successfully.
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Why hire us as your marketing localisation agency in Germany?

We are German. We speak German. And: We know the Germans. With this knowledge, we can help you make the right marketing communication decisions – right from the start and beyond.

With its 82 million inhabitants and central location in Europe, Germany is not only a promising market for your products, it is also your ideal gateway to all of Western Europe. Germany is the number one choice for a lot of foreign companies who want to claim their grounds in the EU.

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Questions we will help you answer:

How to address the German customers verbally (corporate language).
How to address the German customers visually (corporate design, imaging).
How to attract and convince German customers on trade fairs.
How to ideally allocate your media budget (choice of online and offline media).
How to phrase and design your German-speaking website.
How to adapt your packaging in line with German regulations.
How you can magnify your brand awareness via PR storytelling.
What cultural no-gos and must-haves you should keep in mind.

Minimizing risks through maximizing your market know-how.

Market development is highly relevant when it comes to economic growth – and one of the market development strategies is selling your existing products into new markets. This involves a greater degree of uncertainty, risk, and financial commitment, of course

Therefore, you need to elaborate a strong and well-conceived strategy for your marketing localization – which works best with a marketing localisation partner who knows that new market inside out. Here we are! As your advertising agency for marketing localisation in Germany we will help you get all the know-how you need to conquer the German market.

Your marketing localisation agency for Germany

Opening up new geographical markets could involve expanding outside of your familiar region. What about selling to a new country or a new continent even? It might seem risky at first, but how successfully you can adopt this strategy will depend on whether or not you can use your established sales channels in the new market.

As a German advertising agency, we know the sales channels that work best here in Germany. Therefore, you benefit form our longstanding experience and our specific marketing know-how. Together, we develop a tailor-made strategy with limited risks for your products and brand on the German market.

Die Rückemänner – your German marketing localisation agency.

You bring in the product know-how – we contribute the country know-how

You are the expert on your brand, your products, your services. And all that detailed know-how is the most important part of getting into new markets. But how exasperating would it be to make all the arrangements for your market localization in Germany and then fail – eventually due to cultural misunderstandings? As experienced advertisers, we support you as your marketing localisation agency for Germany, based in Hamburg.

We are your expert on the German culture and got all the know-how for tailor-made marketing that reaches German customers. Instead of only translating your marketing content, we support you transcreate it.

Let's make this ending a bright new beginning – with us as your marketing localisation agency for Germany